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That's right you found the right site to assure yourself of a great cruise vacation, whether it is a pure vacation or a working one. All Aboard Cruises has put this website together to give you an example of available cruises.


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Welcome to All Aboard Cruises. Our belief is that everyone's vacation should be "AT THEIR OWN PACE". In keeping with that thought we specialize in matching your cruise experience to your wants and work to meet those wants both on and off the ship.

Today's cruise ships are more like floating cities than the old "Love Boat" type ships of yesteryear. Todays ships make their own electricity and water and of course have their own security, health clubs, recreational facilities never before dreamed of.

Some of these floating cities even have ice skating rinks, self leveling pool tables, most have at least two swimming pools, beauty parlors, shops and yes even ice cream parlors.

Our staff can help with simple 3-4 day cruises or extended ones of up to 120 day around the world cruises. If you want to party we can work up a party ship. Most like to kick back and relax between ports and we do that also.

The cruises you see on this web site are ONLY A SAMPLE of what is available. So give us a call and let us work up YOUR VACATION of a LIFETIME.

Hopefully this site will help you in your search for that perfect ocean cruise. Give us a call (877-657-0135) or fill out a contact form to let us know where you are and what you are looking for. We will research it for you and call you back.

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